RICS are the trusted partners for District data needs.

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Districts are in control of their data while in the custody of their RICs. For decades over 700 Public School Districts have relied upon RICs for State Reporting, Student Information Systems and Network Support.  Currently supported student systems are:  eSchoolData, eSchoolPLUS, Infinite Campus, PowerSchool and schooltool.


It’s fast

Applications are setup in the system by the vendors.


It’s secure

The RIC One support team obtains the vendor’s privacy and security information to make sure the applications comply with NYS Education Department’s Parents Bill of Rights – Law 2d.


It’s simple

Districts can utilize RIC One API to provide roster information for instructional and administrative applications providing more time for teaching and learning.


It’s easy

Issues with application uptime and data processing are handled by RIC operators and RIC One staff.

Through our API technology, which uses a system of permissions granted to individual users, school personnel and vendors are only granted access to view, edit, test and use the data required for their tasks and reports.

Maintaining the security and privacy of student data is what sets RIC One apart from all other similar services.

Think of it this way: If a student management system includes a student’s name, address, phone number, course schedule and free/reduced price lunch status, our API product will allow an emergency notification system to access only the student’s name and phone number in order to call home, but nothing else. A cafeteria management system would access a student’s name and lunch status, but nothing else. A guidance counselor at the school could be given access to the student’s course schedule and phone number, but not their lunch status.