The 12 Regional Information Centers in New York State and the State Education Department have come together to develop and deliver a family of services.

What is RIC One?

RIC One is a family of services, which enable districts to more efficiently and effectively utilize student data systems and to improve school operations and classroom instruction, while ensuring the privacy of sensitive student data.


Why are the RICs developing this solution?

In April 2014, the New York State Legislature passed the Common Core Implementation Reform legislation. This law strengthened data protection practices and requirements. The law included a provision that recognizes the trust districts place in their BOCES and Regional Information Centers.


Why is this project important?

Technology is a key component of our instructional programs and is integral to district operations. Districts continue to add new applications. Additionally, districts are increasingly communicating their desire to integrate data between systems, implement new solutions with ease and access all solutions via a single sign-on.


Who controls the data?

The RICs have always supported districts’ data integration needs. Districts are in complete control of the data they provide to RIC One The data hub restricts vendor access and ensures that vendors only have access to data elements authorized by the District.


How does RIC One, a NYS initiative, align with other data standards?

APIs support the rapid growth in the volume of data moving across the Internet. At the same time, prominent K-12 data standards have further simplified connecting products by aligning on USDOE’s Common Educational Data Standards (CEDS). RIC One is a web service and data hub built on the CEDS data model, supporting interoperability for products that have adopted SIF, Ed-Fi and other data frameworks.

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